Recently , we set up Ebizmarts Magento Abandoned Cart Recovery for a client. This system uses the excellent  Mandrill email services now part of MailChimp. This system sends out an email with the contents of a customers shopping cart, assuming Magento has enough information to do so, with the hope of prompting the customer so buy.

If the customer has registered or completed step 1 of the checkout normally is enough to send out the email.

The issue we had was that the emails were being sent out no problem but the product list would not show within the email no matter what we did. Checked for typos , updated the extension to the latest stable version.

Heres the fix :

Heres the block that you add to the transactional email for abandoned cart recovery:

If you are having the same issues heres the fix :

Go to system > Permissions : Blocks

Add the block into the “ebizmarts_abandonedcart” and is Allowed to “Yes”. This will Whitelist the block and allow it to be used in the email template.